White beans and mushrooms purée recipe

White beans and mushrooms purée recipe

Here’s a white beans and mushrooms purée recipe. This recipe will change you from the classic mashed potatoes 😉 .



-800 g white beans

-400 g mushrooms (mixture of wild mushrooms)

-15 cl of liquid fresh cream

-1 vegetable stock cube



1-If you use frozen mushrooms, start by cooking them in boiling water.

2-After rinsing the white beans, heat them up in a pan.

3-Then, cook the cream with the stock cube.

4- Once the beans are hot, drain them and mix them well with a blender/robot.

5-Add the cream to the mixed beans and mix well. The purée is ready!

6-Then prepare the mushrooms. Drain them and fry them in a pan with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. (Let them brown for a few moments)

7-Your white beans and mushrooms purée recipe is ready! For the dressing, you can put the mushrooms on top of the purée.

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