Leek flan

Leek flan

Here’s a quick and healthy recipe: leek flan. This original recipe made of only 3 ingredients could also be called leek omelette. But whatever the name, this recipe will change you from the classic omelette!



-8 eggs

-4 leeks

-1 onion

-Salt and pepper



1-Start by washing the leeks, then you can cut them.

2-Then, you can slice the onion.

3-Pour your pieces of vegetables in a dish and mix well.

4- Then, in a second bowl, break your eggs and beat them into an omelette. Season with salt and pepper.

5-Finally, you just have to pour the eggs on top of the vegetables (you can mix a little bit to obtain a homogeneous preparation).

6-Bake for about 25 minutes.


Your healthy leek flan recipe is ready!

Leek flan
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