Healthy and quick cauliflower soup recipe

Healthy and quick cauliflower soup recipe

Here’s a recipe for coconut milk lovers: a healthy cauliflower soup recipe. This unusual recipe will surprise you! This recipe is perfect if you need a little sweetness during the winter ^^.


-1 cauliflower

– 5 carrots (4 to 6 carrots) it depends on the size

-About 20 cl of coconut milk

-3 tsp curry powder

-olive oil

-Garlic (one clove), salt.


1- Start by cutting your carrots into slices and put them in your pressure cooker.

2- Next, cut the leaves and remove the core from your cauliflower so then you can cut the large bunches. Wash them and then add them to the cooker with the carrots.

3-Add a tablespoon of olive oil on your vegetables.

3-And then add water, about the height of the vegetables (don’t put too much water to keep this “creamy” aspect).

4-Salt, add your clove of garlic and the curry. You can put the cooker on low heat for half an hour minimum.

5-Once your vegetables are cooked, you can add the coconut milk.

Your healthy cauliflower soup recipe is ready! Remember to season well with salt ^^

Tip: According to your taste, you can add more or less curry and/or coconut milk.

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